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Mallacoota Inlet is renowned for fishing. Commonly caught species include Bream, Flathead, Tailor, Garfish, Luderick, Trevally, Salmon, Snapper, Whiting, Prawns, and the occasional Mulloway.

Black Bream are one of the most commonly targeted species of fish in Mallacoota Inlet. Bream are beautiful eating fish with with white flesh. Specimens around the two pound mark are regularly caught from near Gipsy Point, and three pound Bream are not unusual. Good sized Bream have been caught off our private jetties. During the summer months prawn is very successful, however at other times of the year sandworm, scrub worm and bass yabbies produce the best results. Being bottom feeders, a running sinker, loose lines and a bait-holder hook is the recommended rig.

Flathead are another popular species of fish, with a number of specimens between four and fifteen pounds being caught recently. Flathead are a very tasty white fleshed fish. With sharp teeth, a landing net is essential. Flathead have been biting on live mullet and tailor, and have also been caught on prawn. Soft tailed lures can be very successful for flathead. The same rig is recommended for flathead as for bream.

Tailor is a regularly caught fish. Tailor is very high in Omega 3 oil content, which is ideal for reducing cholesterol, particularly for people with high levels. Tailor are attracted to fast light objects near the surface, easily caught with lures and by trolling. Often travelling in schools, large numbers can often be caught in a short time.

Garfish are a very sweet fleshed fish. They are renowned for their fine bones, however these come out easily with the right technique. Garfish require a more specialised rig, a light sinker, float and long shanked hook. Best bait is sandworm, however gars can be caught using fine moving white bait.

The occasional mulloway is caught in the inlet, but these are far and few between. Most are caught at night on small tailor or mullet, however few are landed as they are rarely targeted.

And for those who don't have the inclination for fishing, or the good fortune, we can have fresh seafood delivered to your apartment three days a week.

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