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For those who prefer swimming in natural watercourses, the lake in front of our property is great for swimming. A swimming ladder is located on one our jetties for guest use. The ladder allows entry and exit to the lake without wading through the shallows. We also have some beautiful beaches in Mallacoota that are great for swimming. Some of these are:

Bastion Point Beach – Mallacoota

This is a very popular sheltered beach and is ideal for surfing. It is only a short drive from Mallacoota and is patrolled in the summer months.

Betka Beach – Mallacoota

A sheltered beach beside Betka River that is perfect for children. The beach also has excellent picnic facilities. The beach is not patrolled.

Quarry Beach – Mallacoota

Quarry beach is a rugged beach edged by colourful rock strata's where snorkellers search for abalone. The beach is not patrolled.

Secret Beach – Mallacoota

This beach is exactly what its name suggests – a peaceful beach of clean, pure sand accessible only by foot. The beach is not patrolled.

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